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Spirit Fest April 2010 by Lewis/Lughaidh

Posted by K. Seren on April 26, 2010 at 2:15 PM

Spirit Fest 2010 at MVUUC was a wonderful experience... Star and Stone Druid Fellowship was there to spread the "Good News" that Star and Stone is here with information on our Druid Order, The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and Druidry itself.


We had a beautiful table set up... a table that resembled the forest floor... a tree, many stones, prayer crystals, a well... and well.... lots of things! This was born out of the artistic and Bardic imagination of one of our Ovates, Elizabeth.


Dawn, an Ovate from the San Diego area, made the long drive up to take part in the festivities and get to know us. We were so very glad that she made the journey.


Lewis sat there and looked extremely Druid...answered questions about the Order and its teachings, Star and Stone, and Druidry in general... we had quite a few people sign up for our mailing list.  I guess we need to create one?


Kim on the other hand... was there in spirit.  She created a beautiful tri-fold brochure (so Druid- the "Tri" part) that summed up OBOD and Star and Stone perfectly.  She was truly missed.


We all agree that this was a wonderful test run for Pagan Pride in October...we can't wait!

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